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Whatever happened to ... ? 'Dove of Oneness' still at the keyboard

Another year slips away, and still Congress fails to announce the 4-year-old secret law that zeros out credit card and mortgage debt, abolishes income taxes and declares peace.

Shaini Goodwin, the Internet conspiracy cult leader known as "Dove of Oneness," is disappointed, as usual - but she knows how powerful the "dark agenda" can be. In her weekly Internet reports, the Shelton resident continues to weave tales of government cover- ups, an international banking conspiracy, and her efforts to contact rocker Bruce Springsteen. Her subscriber list has climbed to almost 16,000, and she claims 315,000 readers worldwide.

"Although security issues forbid my giving you any hint of timing, it is with greater optimism than I have felt in a long time, that I say to you: WE will be CELEBRATING NESARA's announcement in this coming year - and sooner rather than later!" she wrote in her latest report, posted Dec. 26.

NESARA is an acronym for the National Economic Security and Reformation Act - a law Goodwin insists Congress secretly passed four years ago. In addition to eliminating debt and taxes, the law supposedly will force President Bush out of office. Goodwin also says NESARA will unlock millions of dollars lost in a proven investment scam called Omega that led to multiple fraud convictions in an Illinois federal court.

Goodwin lost money in the scam but did not create it. Instead, she fashioned an Internet personae and began posting conspiracy theories from her Mason County mobile home.

She mentioned the scam in a report posted Nov. 7, noting that Omega funds were moved from a bank in Germany to a bank in Zurich, Switzerland. In fall, she wrote that the law could be announced in October. In October, she said it might be announced in November. On Dec. 26, she wrote that she expects to see it announced sometime in 2005.

Goodwin didn't respond to a phone message. Since The News Tribune reported on her in July, she has not asked for donations on the Net, as she had occasionally in the past. But in September, she thanked readers for their help in response to a "private message," and said she was traveling to Washington, D.C., to "set up a temporary base to be close to certain resources which must be part of bringing NESARA to announcement."

Until recently, Goodwin called herself the Worldwide NESARA Take Action Team Director. On Nov. 21, she listed herself as "Executive Director, NESARA Take Action Teams." She resurrected "Worldwide" a few weeks later.

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