Special Reports

The Green River Case

August 1971: Gary Leon Ridgway, who was dishonorably discharged from the Navy, starts working as a painter at the Kenworth Trucking Co. in Renton.

1973-May 1981: Ridgway is married to his second wife, Marcia Winslow. They have a son, Matthew, in 1975.

November 1981: Ridgway, now divorced, buys a home at 21859 32nd Place S. in South King County, a few blocks from Pacific Highway South. Except for a six-month stretch in 1982, he lives there alone until 1985.

May 11, 1982: Ridgway is arrested in King County on a prostitution solicitation charge. He is later found guilty.

July 15, 1982: Two boys discover first Green River victim - Wendy Lee Coffield, 16 - in the Green River.

Aug. 12, 1982: Body of Debra Bonner, 23, is found in the Green River.

Aug. 15, 1982: Remains of Marcia Chapman, 31, Cynthia Hinds, 17, and Opal Mills, 16, found in the Green River. Detectives realize they have a serial killer in the area.

May 4, 1983: Ridgway comes to the attention of detectives investigating the Green River serial killings after the boyfriend of a girl who disappeared April 30 tells authorities he last saw her get into a pickup. Investigators traced the truck to Ridgway. He denies involvement.

Nov. 16, 1983: A Green River investigator interviews Ridgway.

January 1984: A 55-member Enhanced Green River Task Force is formed.

April 12, 1984: A Green River detective interviews Ridgway again. He talks about his involvement with several women he picked up for "dates" on Pacific Highway South.

May 7, 1984: Ridgway passes polygraph examination and is considered cleared as a suspect.

Feb. 23, 1985: Ridgway's name surfaces again after a prostitute accuses him of putting her in a police-like chokehold in November 1982.

February 1985: Ridgway meets Judith Lynch, who becomes his third wife in June 1988.

January 1986: Remains of last suspected victim of the Green River Killer found in Auburn.

March 17, 1986: Ridgway voluntarily meets with task force and is interviewed by the FBI.

April 1987: Detectives search Ridgway's house, locker at work and three vehicles but find no evidence. They take a saliva sample.

1997: Gary and Judith Ridgway move to a house in the Federal Way area.

Nov. 16, 2001: Ridgway arrested in SeaTac on a charge of loitering for the purpose of soliciting a prostitute. He later is found guilty.

Nov. 30, 2001: Ridgway is arrested in connection with four Green River killings.

Dec. 5, 2001: King County prosecutors charge Ridgway with aggravated first-degree murder in the deaths of Carol Ann Christiansen, Marcia Chapman, Cynthia Hinds and Opal Mills.

April 15, 2002: King County Prosecutor Norm Maleng announces he'll seek the death penalty against Ridgway, if he's convicted.

March 27, 2003: Prosecutors charge Ridgway with three additional murders once linked to the Green River Killer - Wendy Coffield, Debra Bonner and Debra Estes.

June 13, 2003: King County Prosecutor Norm Maleng and Ridgway sign a plea agreement. Maleng agrees not to seek the death penalty against Ridgway and Ridgway agrees to "provide complete, truthful and candid information concerning his crimes in King County and answer all questions during interviews conducted by the police or the Prosecuting Attorney."

June to October 2003: Ridgway is interviewed by detectives and leads the task force to several areas where he dumped the bodies of women he killed.

June-July 2003: Ridgway is moved from the King County Jail. Media reports speculate he's leading the Green River Task Force to sites where he dumped bodies.

Aug. 16, 2003: Investigators find remains near Enumclaw, identified as Pammy Annette Avent.

Aug. 21-23, 2003: Searchers find several bones in a wooded area off Kent-Des Moines Road. The remains have not been identified.

Aug. 30 and Sept. 2, 2003: Task force finds skeletal remains near Snoqualmie, later identified as April Dawn Buttram.

Sept. 27, 2003: Task force finds remains in Auburn, later identified as Marie Malvar.

Nov. 5, 2003: Ridgway pleads guilty to 48 counts of aggravated first-degree murder and is labeled the "Green River Killer."

2004: Ridgway is expected to be sentenced.