Special Reports

Some famous and notable graduates

A partial list of some well-known grads.

Bill Baarsma, ’60, Tacoma mayor

Herman Brix (Bruce Bennett) ’24, Olympic shot-put medalist and Hollywood actor

Dale Chihuly, studio glass artist (1956, 1957 attendee)

Cathryn Damon, ’51, stage, movie, Emmy-winning TV actress (“Soap”)

Fred Haley, ’30, principal of Brown and Haley Candy Co.

Donna Mae Jaden (Janis Paige), ’40, MGM and Broadway actress

Bertil Johnson, ’19, prosecuting attorney, superior court judge

John Ladenburg, ’67, Pierce County executive

Marjie Miller (Marjie Millar), ’49, TV and movie actress

Murray Morgan, ’33, history writer and newspaper columnist

Eric T. Olson, ’69, vice admiral and deputy commander of U.S. Special Operations

William Phillip, ’45, Puget Sound National Bank President and CEO, philanthropist

Dixy Lee Ray, ’33, chair of federal Atomic Energy Commission, governor of Washington

Lawrence “Rockin’ Robin” Roberts, ’58, singer for the Wailers (“Louie Louie”)

Albert D. Rosellini, ’27, attorney, civic leader, governor of Washington

James Russell, ’18, admiral, commander of NATO forces in Europe

Sugar Ray Seales, ’71, 1972 Olympic gold medalist and professional boxer

W. Hunter Simpson, ’45, IBM businessman and CEO at Physio-Control

Jack Tanner, ’38, attorney, civil rights advocate, federal court judge

Wilmott Proviso Ragsdale, ’29, Wall Street Journal reporter and Time foreign correspondent

Harry Rinker, ’39, land developer and businessman