‘Bambi’ the fawn gets stuck in a fence, and video captures Oregon officer’s rescue

An Oregon animal welfare officer named the young deer “Bambi.”

Don’t worry, though — the fawn got a much happier ending than its namesake, as body camera video released by local authorities shows.

The officer had been called to a Eugene, Oregon, neighborhood Thursday afternoon on reports of a fawn that had gotten trapped between fence posts.

The deer can be seen in the video dangling atop a relatively short wooden fence when the officer arrives. As the officer approaches the deer from behind, the small animal wiggles in distress and turns its head to peer at the officer, video shows.

“You’re okay,” the officer reassures the young deer. “We’re going to get you out of here.”

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Wearing two layers of gloves and holding a towel, the officer walks around to the other side of the fence so she’s positioned on the side where the deer’s head is.

“Hey buddy, I know you’re scared,” the officer tells the deer soothingly. “It’s okay.”

Then the officer covers the deer’s head with the towel and appears to grab the fawn from both sides of the fence. The body camera footage gets obscured as the officer leans into the animal to lift it from the fence.

The deer comes loose in seconds, and the officer hoists the animal free, video shows.

From there, the officer lays the animal on the ground, its head still covered in a pink towel. There appear to be small wounds on the animal where the fence posts held its body in place.

The officer feels the animals legs and pets it.

“Can you walk, buddy?” the officer asks.

As if on cue, the young deer leaps to its feet and capers off, video shows. That’s where the footage ends.

Eugene Animal Services wrote on Facebook that the officer named the deer Bambi during the incident.

Eugene’s police department shared a photo of the trapped deer on Facebook as well.

“Nice job saving the fawn, Officer McLaughlin!” the department wrote.

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