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26 crepes, 19 minutes and 22 seconds — YouTube pro eaters devour Bellingham record

Professional eaters Randy Santel and Mitch Dombrowski took on AB Crepes’ Alpha-Bet Challenge in downtown Bellingham on Thursday, June 6.

The challenge, its name a play on words, requires a team of two to eat 26 crepes, the number of letters in the alphabet, in under an hour.

Santel and Dombrowski, who goes by Magic Mitch, host a competitive eating channel on YouTube with more than 750,000 followers.

They drove up to Bellingham after Santel tackled another food challenge in Milton, Wash., the night before.

“The record is around 40 minutes, we shouldn’t need it,” Santel said just before starting the challenge.

The pair even opted to add fillings to four of their 26 crepes, using dipping sauces and cups of water to help the plain crepes go down. As the pair approached the 20-minute mark, about 20 spectators cheered them on.

And, in 19 minutes and 22 seconds — a new record for AB Crepes, the challenge was complete.

The win on June 6 marked six teams who’ve successfully completed the Alpha-Bet Challenge, with 292 teams failing.

After this crepe-based challenge, Santel claims 732 food challenge wins, while Magic Mitch claims around 335.

Lacey Young is a visual journalist who interned at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, NASA’S Goddard Space Flight Center and Minnesota Public Radio. She’s a University of Montana graduate and life-long Washingtonian.