The Five Spot: 5 tasks we want strangers to do inside our house

Come on in, make yourself at home!
Come on in, make yourself at home! Courtesy photo

Five other things (besides package deliveries) we’d like Amazon workers to do when they enter our home under the new Amazon Key program.

1 Feed the fish, clean the litterbox and take Brutus for a quick jaunt to the dog park (after he stops biting your leg).

2 Fill out Pierce County election ballots for us. (Just kidding. But would you be a peach and take them to the nearest drop box by Tuesday?)

3 The mother in law is bedridden upstairs, and she’d appreciate a round of cribbage and fresh cream on her rash.

4 Reset clocks and change smoke-alarm batteries for the end of daylight savings time.

5 Unpack the shovel, duct tape, ski mask and rubber gloves you just delivered. Follow instructions left for you in the top drawer of the credenza.