Five post-election questions Washington might ask Oregon, California and other neighbors

Five questions we’d like to ask our fellow Western states after this week’s election.

1. Hey, California, are you really going to secede from America’s God-given Daylight Savings Time routine? What’s next, stand up your own army and mint your own currency? #calexit

2. Please tell us, Oregon: How come you didn’t swallow the soda industry’s deceptive, self-serving “affordable groceries” ballot measure, but our state did?

3. Just wondering, Nevada: How does it feel to elect a brothel owner to the state assembly, three weeks after he died in his sleep?

4. Gotta ask you both, Idaho and California: Any chance you’ll ever elect a governor who’s not a white dude? We get that Idaho loves governors with names like Butch and Dirk. But California? Really?

5. Congratulations, Utah, for approving medical marijuana. What took so long?