Five reasons dividing Washington into two states is a good (or bad) idea

Five good and bad things about carving a 51st state out of Eastern Washington and calling it Liberty, as two Spokane area legislators propose.

1. Bad – Westsiders would forfeit some valued symbols: the state fruit (apple), state vegetable (Walla Walla sweet onion) and state waterfall (Palouse Falls).

2. Good – Eastsiders would finally feel the proud thrill of electing one of their own to serve as governor.

3. Bad – That governor might be six-term state Rep. Matt Shea, a militia sympathizer from Spokane Valley who has distributed a Holy Army manifesto.

4. Good - Eastsiders could fulfill their dream of adopting an official state rifle. (Current leader on Liberty State website poll: the AR-15.)

5. Bad – A classic interstate college football rivalry would be lost, and the Liberty State Cougars sounds wrong in every way.