TACOMA: Agency has been a good steward

(Miller served on the THA board for six years, including two terms as chairman.)

Re: “Audit: THA misspent $10,000” (TNT, 1-29). Your coverage of the Tacoma Housing Authority audit report lacks some context.

First, the money went for legitimate activities. As a former THA commissioner, I participated in a number of planning sessions and staff gatherings, for three purposes: to efficiently and effectively discuss the organization’s plans, to improve cooperation among departments, and to train and motivate employees.

Every organization I’ve been in - public or private, large or small - has some version of these same activities. Responsible employers recognize the value of these activities.

The money spent was modest. The auditor questions $39,000 for the 18-month period. This represents less than 0.06 of a percent of THA’s annual operating budget of $45 million. This is a reasonable investment in the efficiency and morale of the people who do the work.

THA is exemplary in its fiscal stewardship. I hope its disagreement with the auditor won’t diminish the public’s confidence in the organization.