Headlines we’d like to see in 2019

McMenamins buys all vacant buildings in Tacoma

What the puck? National Hockey League chooses T-Town over Seattle.‘The game requires a tougher crowd.’

Legislators wake up, smell the coffee ‘We were wrong and will follow Public Records Act’

Michelle Obama breaks T-Dome record Former Flotus donates all ticket sales to Tacoma charities

Oh, baby, it’s an orca rebound! Southern resident calves thriving, say ecstatic biologists

Western State Hospital safer than ever, regains federal certification

Mild wildfire season has West breathing easier

Bethel/Peninsula School Bonds Pass Legislators lower voter 60-percent-yes requirement

‘Jay Z? More like Jay Cray Z’ Trump reportedly practices nicknames as WA governor keeps rising in polls

PSE gives up on LNG Tote Maritime extols the virtues of ‘solar panels and duct tape’

From wallflower to ‘How you doin’?’ Early state primary gets attention of presidential hopefuls

Grandma joins Seahawks as new kicker Turns out Shawn-from-accounting was right. ‘Welcome to the team, Linda.’

Pierce County named fittest in the state New I-5 bike lane has its perks!

Tacoma Creates turns potholes into art ‘Driving over faces of Tacoma notables is the hard part’

City Council cancels monthly meditation group ‘We can snore at home,’ says unnamed source.

Tacoma wins coveted George Bailey Award for rapid expansion of affordable housing