Tacoma City Council candidate was written off as a goner. But whoomp, here he is

Mark Twain once famously quipped that reports of his death were greatly exaggerated. Tacoma City Council candidate Brett Johnson might want to consider issuing a similar statement today, a week after City Club of Tacoma mistakenly contributed to his premature political obituary.

Based on early ballot counts, it appears Johnson will edge his fellow first-time candidate Courtney Love and advance to the November general election against incumbent Conor McCarthy.

You wouldn’t know Johnson was a contender if you read an invitation to a Sept. 4 candidate forum, which City Club sent out in an email blast last Thursday. The invite featured photos and websites for candidates who would meet head to head in the general election — including McCarthy and Love for Council Position 7.

Oopsy daisy. If City Club officials were operating with a crystal ball, let’s hope they kept the receipt from the divination supply store.

Love put up a good effort but fell a few hundred votes short (assuming she doesn’t make a huge comeback in later ballot counts). We’re grateful to her and others who didn’t survive the primary for adding value to the civic dialogue. If this were a game show, they’d go home with some lovely parting gifts. But after an election, they’re left with yard signs to retrieve and campaign debts to pay.

Now Pierce County voters can look forward to the November runoff; it’ll be here before you know it. There’s a variety of ways to learn about the finalists, including News Tribune news articles and endorsements. And don’t forget that City Club forum next month. We just hope Brett Johnson gets a belated invitation.