Letters to the Editor

Wildfires: How much do they add to climate change?

With all the hype we hear about climate change, I have to wonder how much effect the forest and brush fires have on the CO2 levels in the atmosphere. We always hear about how many acres were burned and how many homes were destroyed, but we never hear how many tons of CO2 went into the skies.

The experts don’t seem to have any problem calculating the tons of CO2 that come from burning fossil fuels, but when it comes to forest fires they seem to be mum. Surely they can make some sort of estimate. We need some basis for comparison.

I know I have been in areas of the U.S. where you couldn’t see across the street due to the smoke from a distant fire. I have a feeling that these fires are a big contributor to the CO2 levels and we should be much more serious in preventing them and putting them out.