Letters to the Editor

Anthem: History lesson opens Pandora's box

Re: “Anthem protest resonates in historical context,” (TNT op-ed, 9/4).

If our education was racist, then what is next for scrutiny besides flag and anthem? Should we remove statues of George Washington because he owned slaves? Or remove our respect for Abraham Lincoln because he was willing to preserve the union and keep slavery?

Yes, our education did not tell us the complete story of immigrants and those who were oppressed, as my immigrant Italian grandparents attested. And this is my education: My non-slave holding ancestor held in a Confederate prisoner of war camp did not fight to preserve racism. My father and my son did not fight in wars to preserve racism. The people of color who honorably served with me in the Air Force did not do so to preserve racism.

If our future is only violence and mistrust, then “liberty and justice” are a dream not realized “for all.” Maybe America needs a truth and reconciliation approach like South Africa. I’m willing to try. Are you?

George D Mounce III, Tacoma