Letters to the Editor

Puyallup: Homeless activists lack accountability

Re: “More ‘us,’ less ‘them’ can help find shelter for all,” (TNT, 9/6).

Mr. Rose’s op-ed suggests that those who have Christian faith should support New Hope Resource Center’s efforts to help the homeless, and suggests that those who don’t support it are acting un-Christian. It’s disturbing and a bit comical. His assertion epitomizes black-and-white thinking and rather conveniently abandons accountability and wisdom.

When building a non-profit in Northwest Haiti, I had the good fortune of meeting a veteran missionary able to temper my passion to serve with his wisdom. He underlined how Haiti is filled with big-hearted individuals with grand and urgent plans, and how in a flurry of goodwill, they often disregard the existing social fabric and fail to create lasting impact. He urged me to move slowly and humbly in deference to the local community leaders.

Mr. Rose and his supporters need to do the same. His article suggests a hubris that has likely hurt rather than helped his cause. The negative impact New Hope has had on our community has been well documented.

If New Hope backers can find a way to move forward in an accountable and humble manner, they will find that the Puyallup Valley brims with goodwill. If not, it seems clear that the tumult they have created will be their undoing.