Letters to the Editor

Schools: Not there for free baby-sitting

Your 9/6 editorial cartoon, which shows a harried mother ready for her four kids to return to school, portrays a common attitude in American society. After two-plus months being responsible for their own children, parents are tired and ready for a break from their own kids, the ones they supposedly wanted and produced. They were not accountable for educating and testing.

What I wonder about is whether parents truly value schools for the education that is offered, or do they simply view them as a free baby-sitting service? The number of times I’ve heard parents mention dreading the day school lets out in June and can’t wait until school starts is incredible. Some parents express wanting to free up their day, maybe get a job.

These “free range” children are suddenly confined in a room, expected to learn and pass the seemingly never-ending tests throughout the year, all the while being taught by dedicated teachers. Mind you, the teacher is not responsible for just four children, as illustrated in your cartoon, but for up to seven times as many students for nine months, not three.

Such cartoons, which are meant to be comical, are not. They indicate an attitude that is not healthy to education.