Letters to the Editor

25th District: Joyce McDonald is best choice

Re: “Elect Zeiger, Stambaugh, Chatterton in Legislative District 25,” (TNT, 9/7).

After reading the TNT’s endorsement for the opponent of Joyce McDonald, I wanted to point out a big reason why we need to elect McDonald.

Plain and simple, she is much more experienced and has the track record needed for this position in Olympia. Not only will she represent the 25th exceptionally well, she will represent the state as a whole.

I happen to have first hand knowledge of McDonald’s willingness to represent not only her district but she will stand up and be counted when voters from other districts need help on a valid issue. When our community association needed help on a land management issue, she was the only Pierce County Council member willing to get involved even though it was not her own district. She solved this issue for the good of the district and all of the county.