Letters to the Editor

Election: Contested outcome a real possibility

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have the highest unfavorable ratings of any presidential candidates in modern American history. Each ballot cast will essentially be an anti-vote against the other contender and not necessarily for the person deemed most qualified to be president.

It is a matter of choosing between someone who wants to build a wall to keep people out, and another who has built a wall of political intrigue and near-immunity to keep secrets from getting out.

t is doubtful that either Clinton or Trump will get 270 of the possible 538 votes in the Electoral College to become president, so according to the Constitution, the 12th Amendment would have to be invoked and the president and vice president chosen through the House of Representatives. As Trump likes to say, “It’s going to be huge, really, really huge.” Yes, Donald, it will be and whoever becomes POTUS may not win us over, but when this election is fin ally over it will surely wear us out.