Letters to the Editor

China: Lincoln students should learn hard facts

Re: “China’s plan to give everyone a citizen score,” (TNT, 10/23).

Every Lincoln student who went on the recent Chinese-government-funded excursion should be required to read and report on this front-page story. As they exchanged phone numbers with their “new best friends” at the Chinese high school, were the Lincoln students made aware that their counterparts will not be allowed to contact them via Facebook?

Were they told that the giggling school girls posing for selfies with the tall Americans will have their menstrual cycles and fertility monitored by the Chinese government once they enter the workforce?

It is astounding to me that the Lincoln administration seeks to have Lincoln identified as China’s high school, “thus becoming one more propaganda tool for a president who routinely denies citizens the basic rights of freedom of speech, religion and assembly. Read and learn, Lincoln!