Letters to the Editor

Sound Transit 3: Bad deal for Pierce taxpayers

If Proposition 1 (also known as Sound Transit 3) is approved, Pierce County taxpayers will pay for years for a service that certainly our current seniors and adults now over 45 will likely never see in their lifetimes. It is highly irresponsible to advertise this as the end-all for all counties on Interstate 5.

If everyone would be more honest about it, local voters would have been told that their additional tax dollars will serve the northern counties, leaving Pierce to foot a bill that will do us no good for 20-plus years. I am disappointed in the proponents for omitting this important information.

“Rapid Transit”? We still don’t have public transportation in most of this county, so everyone here will still have to drive their cars just to get to this ephemeral rapid transit service. Any additional taxes should go to fix that first.