Letters to the Editor

President: McMullin presents a viable alternative

Not enough people even know about a third party candidate for president who has exceptional ability, smarts and heart: Evan McMullin, registered as a write-in in Washington and more than 40 other states. This ex-CIA operative says he will make fighting the Islamic State and obliterating terrorism his No. 1 goal.

For decades we’ve seen our country’s morals going down the tubes while many have been too lazy, scared or busy to do anything about it - the proverbial frog getting boiled slowly. McMullin plans to change that.

While making abortion illegal or rare is a huge deal for me, protecting national security and setting a good example are also important. Even with his promises, Donald Trump can’t seem to keep attention off himself very long, and is a dangerous person to have in office with his bullying, selfish demeanor. And what good will illegalizing abortion be, when there’s no country to begin with, because we have all been obliterated?

McMullin, who is leading in Utah, could win with enough votes. He is starting a new conservative movement that will make sense to more people and bridge the gaps.