Letters to the Editor

Election: Good voters are like good parents

The presidential debates illustrate that political gridlock is the fault of persons who refuse to accept not getting their own way. We voters ultimately bear responsibility for the gridlock and need to step in as “parents.” In looking down ballot, consider whether the candidate has behaved like an obstinate two-year old in past employment. If the track record doesn’t show an ability to work cooperatively with others (play nicely in the sandbox), voters should assert their authority and send the one who kicks and screams to time out.

Further, Donald Trump’s boorish bragging about sexual assault and adultery presents a litmus test for identifying who’s worthy of our votes. Any candidate lacking courage to admit he/she made a mistake, or acknowledge having a change of mind due to learning new factual information, cannot be trusted to fairly serve the public.

Take responsibility for the future of our community, state and nation: “Parent” now.