Letters to the Editor

White House: Everyday Americans want change

The 2016 presidential election will pit the political and donor class represented by Hillary Clinton versus everyday Americans represented by Donald Trump. Trump has stated that the election is rigged and Mike Pence explained it was due to “the obvious bias in the national media.” Wikileaks confirmed it.

A number of polls found a majority of Americans/voters disagreed with FBI Director Comey’s decision not to seek a criminal indictment of Clinton. Was the political fix in? The Wall Street Journal has reported on the intertwining of the Clinton Foundation, Bill Clinton’s speeches and access to the State Department under Hillary Clinton. This warrants an FBI corruption investigation.

Hillary has already shown a disdain for everyday Americans, and Democratic policies haven’t helped them. Those policies have resulted in a lack of good-paying jobs, skyrocketing Obamacare premiums, more illegal immigration small businesses crushed by regulations, jobs moving overseas and ISIS investigations in every state. Everyday Americans want change.