Letters to the Editor

Election: Retiring judge supports Christopher

I agree with so many others who’ve written in to say they are voting for Dwayne Christopher as the best candidate for Pierce County Superior Court Judge, Position 8. His experience was highly praised in the TNT’s primary endorsement, too.

The judge who retired from the position, Brian Tollefson, has even declared his sole endorsement is to Christopher, who he believes is the superior candidate. After 27 years on that bench, I trust that Tollefson is the one and only expert who knows what qualities and experience his replacement should have. I trust his endorsement.

That a whole multitude of other highly respected chief justices, judges, officials and well-regarded community and business and nonprofit leaders also endorse Christopher further backs up what Tollefson states, “Dwayne is the superior candidate.”

Even his former opponent in the primary election, Jack Hill, has endorsed him over the remaining opponent. That says a lot, too.