Letters to the Editor

Sound Transit 3: What was the TNT thinking?

Re: “We endorse: Yes on Sound Transit 3 means fairness for Tacoma” (TNT editorial, 10/8)

The Tacoma News Tribune provides no valid reasons for their endorsement of Sound Transit 3 (ST3). “Fairness” and “high minded ideals” aren’t good enough arguments to support a $54 billion taxpayer funded addition to an existing public transportation system.

Mayor Strickland is all for ST3 as a Sound Transit board member. She isn’t willing to have the system demonstrate any viability. She was recently instrumental in blocking any fares on the Tacoma Link (TNT 4/29/16) including fares on unapproved extensions not due for completion for another 15 to 20 years. A totally taxpayer supported system, no fare box revenue. She wants it, you pay for it.

Sound Transit already has an adequate three county transit, light rail, and commuter rail system. Multi-billion dollar add-ons are in no way cost/congestion effective. The fact that a well-known, mainstream Seattle paper is urging a “no” vote on Prop.1 speaks volumes.