Letters to the Editor

Election: Quality more important than party affiliation

Re: “Matt Driscoll: History and Tacoma’s Democratic leanings, stacked against Dammeier” (TNT, 10/25).

Democrats always have the edge in Tacoma, but many of them may be like my good friend who announced to me upon seeing my Dammeier sign that she planned to vote for both Bruce Dammeier and Bill Bryant. She watched Dammeier at work on the Puyallup School Board and highly respected his professionalism, work ethic and decisionmaking process.

Like my friend, who mostly votes Democratic, some Democrats may be willing to cross over to support candidates who not only have government experience, but have also run successful businesses and can change the status quo.

I sincerely hope that many Democrats will vote for the best candidate, not just a straight party ticket. Change can be healthy.