Letters to the Editor

Local politics: County did not sue its own people

Re: County: “Don’t support candidates who sue” (TNT letter, 10/30)

Jerry Gibbs continues to spread misinformation. The County Executive and Council made a decision to build a new building with a public-private partnership two years ago. Mr. Gibbs filed a referendum to stop it. The prosecutor’s office advised that Gibbs’ referendum was not legal under the Charter so the County decided to ask a judge.

A majority of the County Council switched their decision after political pressure by Mr. Gibbs and dismissed the lawsuit, so private citizens took the case to court to stop the referendum. Before the judge could rule on whether the referendum was legal, Mr. Gibbs argued that private citizens had no standing because they were not the County Council. It was a perfect example of Catch 22. No one was allowed to decide whether the referendum was legal because of Gibbs.

We should hardly take advice from someone like Gibbs. Gibbs was funded by the landlords who lease numerous buildings to the county. His actions will cost the county millions of dollars a year in rent over the next 30 years because of the failure to consolidate government. It is better to own than rent with a building built by private financing not taxpayer bonds.