Letters to the Editor

Trump: Candidate is a walking, talking contradiction

Voting for Donald Trump is truly a “no-brainer.”

His service to others: His wealth got him into private military school and a doctor’s letter for an alleged “heel spur” let him avoid the possibility of actual military service. His education at a private military school was so excellent, he believes himself smarter than generals, who have served in battle and are fighting the Islamic State. He also believed the Iraq war was a good idea until it became an unpopular war.

Immigration: Use of “cheaper” illegal immigrants’ labor is bad for America, except for Trump-employed contractors that use “cheaper” illegal aliens to construct Trump’s buildings.

Conservative Christian credentials: Abortion was fine, but became wrong once he sought the Republican nomination.

Trump’s words and Christ’s are so close. Surely, Christians recall Jesus teaching that physical appearance forms the basis of all judgment and if a woman is not a “10”, she can be justly be called a “pig”, “dog”, “eating machine”, etc.

Do not Christians recall Christ bragging to His disciples that his being a male “celebrity” caused women to want him to kiss and grab them.