Letters to the Editor

Trump: Columnist's comparisons do not add up

Re: “Cinton will be judged by the company she keeps” (TNT, 11/2)

As an avid Sanders supporter it is not easy for me to defend Hillary Clinton, but Kathleen Parker’s representation of the latest email issue is so backhanded, sneaky, dishonest and wrong, that I could not contain myself.

Her claim that Donald Trump, “only said his celebrity entitled him to seize women’s nethers” is flat out false. He clearly boasted that he committed those acts. Furthermore, numerous credible women have verified that, indeed, Trump’s boasting was accurate. Additionally, charges have been brought against him for raping a young girl.

Comparing Trump’s actions to the confessed thoughts of President Carter, a righteous hard-working person, is outrageous.

Trump is a sleazy, silver-spoon sexual predator who has never done an honest day’s work in his life. While claiming to write about the appearance of a connection between Clinton and Anthony Weiner, Parker shamelessly creates that false connection.

The alleged email exchanges were between Clinton and her aide – not Weiner.

A vote for Trump is a vote against my daughter’s right, and the right of all daughters, to be treated with dignity and respect. Ms. Parker’s disguised support for Trump at the expense of other women is disgracefully opportunistic.