Letters to the Editor

Trump: His only expertise is failure

Here we go watching the Right yet again work to bring down America’s economy.

My banker and my broker tell me that the fear of Mr. Trump in America’s government has made serious investors nervous, and that is why our market has been steadily moving down the last two weeks. This business “giant” inspires less confidence to experienced financial people than a three year-old learning to count with colored blocks.

At some point, you must ask yourself, here in our area, with so many thriving casinos, how did this supposedly successful businessman manage to go bankrupt with a cash cow business like a casino?

Harrah’s has been in the business for many years and is a thriving private enterprise, as is casino magnet, Sheldon Adelson in both Nevada and overseas. Our tribes also do very well with their casinos. As far as I know, the only person who has not been able to run a successful casino is Mr. Trump.

I suggest Trump’s fabulous expertise in business is actually a well-crafted myth that is not supported by his shaky financial record. Take a long hard look at all those bankruptcies and failures before you vote. Been there before and lived it already.