Letters to the Editor

Deportation: Korean American man should be spared

Re: “Adopted and brought to US, South Korean man to be deported,” (TNT, 10/27).

I am heartsick after reading about the plight of Dae Joong Yoon, who is facing deportation to his birth nation. Let’s not blame the child for the sins of the parents. How tragic that after he was adopted at age three, his American parents abused and then abandoned him seven years later.

Now the country he loves and calls home is ready to abandon him as well. He certainly must feel no one cares about him. Yoon has had a very difficult life. Come on, Immigration and Customs Enforcement personnel, there must be some way to show compassion to him. Surely there are exceptions to the stringent rules of deportation.

I’m not excusing the crimes he committed, but this man needs a break.