Letters to the Editor

Presidential election: Don't despair, America, there are better days ahead

Don’t despair, America. If you voted for Trump or for Clinton, it might feel like half the country has lost its mind by voting for the “other guy.” In fact, only about 56% of eligible voters bothered to vote, and that means Trump was elected by about 28% of the country’s eligible voters. Flip the numbers slightly the other direction, and Clinton would have been elected by the same underwhelming number.

Now, don’t forget, that huge 44% of eligible voters that didn’t bother to vote doesn’t count those who have been disenfranchised due to felony convictions, sometimes permanently. There are over six million citizens in this category, which include one in thirteen African Americans of voting age.

Add up these numbers, and it is clear that the majority of us didn’t want either of these candidates. We wanted better choices. And as the tidal wave of young people who feel this way mature and gain political influence, we are bound to see changes for the better.