Letters to the Editor

Election: President Obama and Hillary Clinton lead the way in the election's aftermath

Re: Matt Driscoll: “History will judge us not just on Trump’s election, but on how we react” (TNT, 11/9)

Regarding the amazing presidential election results, I truly confess that I was actually rather impressed with the magnanimous attitude exhibited by both Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama. Their public responses to the stunning victory of Donald Trump appear to be refreshingly patriotic, expansive, and downright noble.

Not so with Matt Driscoll. His article was terribly biased, divisive, and mean-spirited. Talk about counterproductive sour-grapes. A detailed critique is not possible, or really necessary, of Driscoll’s tirade against Trump and his nearly blind lament for Clinton.

I can only hope and pray that all Americans, including protesters, will consider the surprisingly supportive spirit of Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama as we endeavor to work with Donald Trump and his people to make America better.