Letters to the Editor

Election: Protesters' tantrum show their true colors

Recent after-election protests in left-wing enclave cities demonstrate the true attitudes of these individuals. Their childlike tantrums show their lack of respect for the law, authority and the rights of others (i.e. people trying to travel the roads and freeways they blocked.)

These leftists are all about me and “my rights.” How many protests would have occurred if Hillary Clinton had won? The answer is none.

These people are weakening this country and should be encouraged to leave it. Most of them have done nothing to earn their “rights” through military or community service. People who elected Trump are the hard-working middle class who have become tired of the left’s tax and spend mentality. They did not vote for Trump but against the elitist Clinton.

Time to get over it, children. Hopefully Donald Trump will make good on his promises and turn this country around from the disastrous left-wing policies that have eroded our strength to compete in this world.