Letters to the Editor

Protests: Stand for principles not violence

Some 16 months ago, when the GOP publicly displayed its 2016 assortment of presidential candidates — a fundamentalist preacher, a retired brain surgeon, a discarded CEO, a peculiar senator who read children’s stories at night, a blowhard investment mogul and a weary ex-governor from Florida, to name a few — I thought it was some kind of joke.

Over the intervening 16 months we found it was a sort of joke, though the blowhard was serious and he struck a common chord with a sizable segment of America – a segment that has not yet been clearly defined. Whoever they are, they desperately demanded change, never mind the blowhard’s sexist, racist, misogynist and nationalist view of the world.

Sorry, but the mess they made is ours to resolve. And I believe that mess is made worse when hundreds protest in the streets, break windows, light fires, throw rocks or threaten minorities.

Instead, offer to work with the opposition when their cause is constructive, though stand your ground when it isn’t; offer your time and/or money for organizations that help the poor and homeless; and work for women’s rights and health.

In short, reject government by the rich and powerful.