Letters to the Editor

Election: Trump voters are “me” and “them” voters

The running narrative is that a Donald Trump voter is an angry white male feeling marginalized. A college classmate told me most of his cousins never went to college. All have daughters who are single mothers working two jobs. His relatives just want good factory jobs and they want to go hunting. They do not want to be told to “retool” or to go back to school. My grandparents all grew up on farms. They had to “retool.” My parents did not go to college. My siblings and I did. We “retooled.”

That said, not one Trump voter I know fits the media description. All are white men and women of all ages and economically they are doing just fine, and they seem to be all around me. The common theme on why they voted for Trump has to do with some “me” issues and some “them” issues.

The “me” issues are hating Hillary with no explanation, high taxes, and increasing insurance premiums.

Then there are the “them” issues. One elderly woman is upset over them gays. A middle-age man is upset over them transgender bathrooms. A naturalized citizen, a Turkish man, fears Hillary arming them Kurds and allowing them Syrians into our country. A cousin is upset over them Mexicans.

What I never hear is any of them talk about “we” or “us.” Think about that.