Letters to the Editor

Ecology: New boating rules may hurt

Re: “No more sewage dumping in Puget Sound, new Ecology rule proposes” (TNT, 11/7)

The article on the proposed no-discharge zone is highly misleading. A new rule put in place by the Department of Ecology says that it is now illegal to “dump partially-treated sewage.” The words “partially treated” is not defined and very misleading and will encourage more illegal dumping of completely untreated sewage. The only thing this new rule does is outlaw the use of U.S. Coast Guard-approved Type 1 marine sanitation devices on board, which do not “partially treat” sewage; they actually treat the sewage more effectively than many municipal sewage treatment plants do.

The effect of this new rule will discourage boaters from spending the thousands of dollars it costs to install such systems which actually helps the health of Puget Sound.

Instead of creating new rules that won’t really help, let’s invest money in enforcing the current rule and actually encourage installation of systems that make it unnecessary to dump raw sewage.

You should consider at least talking to the RBAW (Recreational Boaters Association of Washington) for comment.