Letters to the Editor

Matt Driscoll: Talking turkey and other holiday advice

Re: Matt Driscoll: “Talk politics this Thanksgiving like the future depends on it” (TNT, 11/22)

Thank God for Matt Driscoll’s opinion on how I should celebrate Thanksgiving. I guess my last 60-plus years have been all wrong.

My family and friends will celebrate the greatness of our country with a renewed hope that America will finally get new jobs. We will celebrate with a renewed sense of true patriotism with real hope that there’s an end to nonsense and corruption.

I suggest that Driscoll should order a participation trophy, some Playdough, get a comfort dog and find himself a safe place in the TNT editorial boardroom. Then maybe he can settle in for a wonderful toy turkey and kale dressing and have a good cry and maybe, just maybe, give our great country and new leader not only a chance, but show hope that the American electorate has spoken. He needs to accept reality without bias and open his mind like he so often advises us.

I do wish him and his family and friends a wonderful holiday, and I do sincerely hope he finds a way to see other people’s point of view without such instant condemnation of anyone whose ideas that might differ from his own.

I can’t wait to hear his advice on how I must spend Christmas.