Letters to the Editor

TPU: City should reduce costs on printing

We read almost weekly about Tacoma Public Utilities and the City of Tacoma raising fees and taxes and contemplating where to increase revenues to offset budgets that are in the red. We also receive TPU’s new monthly statements that have been redesigned to streamline the confusing statements we used to get.

Why are they printed with color-screened backgrounds? A simple statement printed in black would suffice. Who are they trying to impress? We also get environmental literature, all of which is printed on glossy stock in four-color process, and again I question the amount of money wasted to print them.

Maybe the city should look to cut costs within. After all, 30 percent of this paper goes in the recycling bin (maybe) and who knows the percentage of people who actually read the material. This is truly a blatant display of waste run amok. Let’s get back to basics and dispense with the print show.