Letters to the Editor

Media: A fact-checking column needed for Trump Administration

Thank you, the press, for your important contribution to our society. Without you, I would have awakened on Sunday morning believing that the inauguration was the largest in history and that the Women’s March paled in comparison. Without you (if I stuck my head completely in the sand), I would think that Donald Trump had always supported the intelligence agencies diligently.

Even though these are small little lies, letting them stand would only encourage greater deceptions. Because of your commitment to boldly report the truth even when it contradicts “alternative facts”, combined with your willingness to confront power with truth, I woke up on Sunday feeling a little bit safer.

I love reading the fact checkers on the day after a political debate. I wonder whether fact-checking could become a weekly column, perhaps on Mondays or Tuesdays. A fact -checking column could include reports on any political inaccuracies that have been communicated over the course of the last week and would offer the readers a question and answer forum.

Thank you for your role in defending the truth. I pray that it may be an expanded role in a time when our political leadership seems compelled to lie.