Letters to the Editor

Truth: March for freedom goes on with media’s aid

I didn’t participate in the Women’s March, so I write instead. I worry about the Trump administration because of his attacks on the press.

In his speech to the CIA that Saturday, President Trump claimed his inaugural crowds were the largest in history. Wrong. Later his press secretary repeated the claim, “The crowds were the largest in history. Period.” Wrong.

In the same speech to the CIA, Trump blamed the media for his feud with the intelligence community. Wrong again.

Truth matters, especially from the White House. How do we know the truth? We look for verifiable information and personal accounts from people we trust. We look for measurable details based on observations. We look for sources that do not have a reason to lie.

We all saw the photos. We all read Trump’s tweets. We know the truth about crowd size and Trump’s attacks on the intelligence community.

Support the mainstream media. Subscribe to a reliable newspaper. Read and watch for yourself. Beware of those who claim the media lies. That is the greatest threat to our freedoms.