Letters to the Editor

Vaccinations: Only one correct decision

Re: “Mumps surge a wake-up call to anti-vaxxers,” (TNT, 1/17).

Thank you for your timely reminder of the risks posed by under-vaccinating children, and the dangers of ignoring science.

The best available science is the bedrock of sound medical practice. We who provide medical care for children welcome the responsibility to have a conversation with parents that calls for a detailed discussion of the risks and benefits on a wide range of issues where there are several treatment options.

There is only one correct decision regarding vaccines. While practitioners too often find it impossible to undo vaccine misinformation, the facts are clear: Vaccines save lives, are safe and must be given on time.

Sadly, we now have a president who often is dismissive of well-established science and for years has made anti-vaccination comments. Practitioners should stand up to Donald Trump’s (and his like-minded appointees’) continual assault on the truth, check the vaccination status at every clinic visit, and stress the science-based agenda to get kids vaccinated.

Unfortunately, that will not be enough. Washington state legislators should again introduce and then pass a bill to eliminate all non-medical exemptions to vaccinations. If not, we may truly make America sick again.