Letters to the Editor

Trump: Rocky first days should get our attention

We have a new President; however, there are qualification problems for multiple Trump Cabinet picks: Tom Price for Health and Human Services; Betsy Devos for Education; Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State; Jeff Sessions for Attorney General; Andy Puzder for Labor; and especially Scott Pruit who wants to cripple the Environmental PA..

There are also conflict of interest problems not only with President Trump but with many of his cabinet picks as well.

Trump disagrees over the inauguration crowd size and the issue of “non-existent” illegal votes causing Trump to lose the popular vote for president. Plus who pays for his wall?

It’s important to show our concern for drastic changes in Obamacare, Planned Parenthood Funding and potential loss of women’s health choices motivated millions of women to march in hundreds of demonstrations around the country and the world.

Another concern should be the departure of scores of career diplomats from the State Department which may lead to lifting sanctions against Russia.

Contact your U.S. Senators if you agree you want qualified cabinet members, sanctions against Russia for interfering in our elections and you support the Women’s March issues.