Letters to the Editor

Women's March: Miloscia got it wrong

I was deeply troubled to read 30th District’s Senator Mark Miloscia’s Facebook statement regarding the Women’s March. He called the march “ugly, un-American and un-Christian” and added “For shame! For shame!”

What could be more American than the practice of free speech? What could be more Christian than speaking out for the marginalized? Would Sen. Miloscia call the 90+ yr. old terminally ill woman in a wheelchair un-American? When the march passed by St. Mary’s church in Seattle, volunteers from the food bank handed out water and snacks. According to KING 5 news the marchers collected $10,000 to donate to the food bank. Would he call that un-Christian?

Sen. Miloscia said “There was a lot of negative behavior I wouldn’t want our children to even look at.” Would he want children to look at the sexist horrible statements Trump’s made against women?

We peacefully marched against bigotry, sexism and racism. We marched in support of human rights, women’s rights, equality for all, healthcare, environment, love is love, and the importance of kindness and truth.

Sen. Miloscia has the right to disagree with marchers, but I call on him to apologize for the comments that characterized us as un-American and un-Christian.