Letters to the Editor

Travel ban: Trump tweet tantrums disrespect judge

Dear President Trump: The Honorable James L. Robart, federal judge of the Western District Court of Washington, does not do ridiculous. Process and time will render a final determination of the validity of the temporary restraining order issued by the judge on Feb. 3. His order restrains the implementation and/or enforcement of your executive order signed on Jan. 27, aka the travel ban.

Troubling are your impulsive and juvenile tweets describing Robart as a “so called” judge, declaring his order to be ridiculous and terrible, and otherwise exhibiting your lack of comprehension of the role of the federal judiciary as one of the three equal branches of our government.

Less than 24 hours after the issuance of his order, it was reported that you tweeted nine times in opposition to it. None of these tweets offered even a glimmer of an intelligent argument. Your tweets are temper tantrums which reflect upon the tweeter, not upon the latest object of your vitriol.

The executive branch of our government is diminished by your irrational and irresponsible blatherings.