Letters to the Editor

Assault weapons: Proposal would be too onerous

Re: “Lawmakers and Inslee push for more statewide gun measures,” (TNT, 2/3).

The article does not present the full truth about House Bill 1387. If the goal is to make it as hard to obtain a so-called assault weapon as a handgun, why not just require the age to obtain one be 21? Both require an FBI background check.

But the bill demands more. The ridiculous annual renewal process would incorporate gun registration, something even the federal process does not require. The registration database maintained by the Department of Licensing will include quantity, firearm make, model, and manufacturer’s number, and applicant’s details. Fingerprints will go to the Washington State Patrol.

Oh, yes, and the annual registration requirement would not be free but result in an annual tax. If not for money or inconvenience, why an annual renewal process? Even concealed carry permits are good for five years.

Articles should be fair and divulge all details of a bill, not what just makes the bill look good.