Letters to the Editor

Congress: Demand impartial data on ObamaCare repeal

Since 1975, the Congressional Budget Office has produced objective, independent analysis of budget and economic issues to support the congressional budget process. The CBO hires employees solely on the basis of professional competence without regard to political affiliation. It is strictly nonpartisan.

Normally when Congress considers legislation, the bill is “scored” by the CBO, which estimates whether  —  and by how much  —  federal deficits would increase over the subsequent 50 years as a result of the legislation. But the current Congress forbids the CBO to estimate the deficit impact of a proposed repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

All four Washington Republican members of Congress voted to restrict the CBO from giving a score for an ObamaCare repeal. Why?

Insist that your congressional representative vote to change house rules to require all proposed legislation be scored by the CBO. This is the only way to get a non-partisan estimate of how legislation impacts the federal budget deficit.