Letters to the Editor

Law school: UW Seattle role causes skepticism

Re: “UW Tacoma law school vision remains years away,” (TNT, 2/19).

I read this article with interest and a skeptical eye. Skeptical because I see a possible repeat of history.

Early in the formative years of the University of Washington Tacoma, UW Montlake officials in Seattle were no fans of UWT. They often resisted and worked behind the scenes to slow its growth.

As I remember, the UW Faculty Senate even passed a resolution to oppose the branch campuses.Many UW presidents and administrators in those days believed the branches were a threat to their funding and perceived elite status.

We local supporters, led by News Tribune publisher Kelso Gillenwater, worked to establish UWT and to fund it.

So congratulations now to our local supporters and legislators for pushing the law school effort. I take the UW Montlake efforts with a grain of salt.

(Ebersole is a former Tacoma mayor and state legislator.)