Letters to the Editor

Trump: Not all investigations are created equal

Here’s a hypothetical question for Americans. Which would you rather have: an investigation regarding White House leaks about the firing of national security adviser Michael Flynn? Or an investigation covering phone calls between the Russians and Donald Trump’s staff, during his campaign and after the election?

In the first case, assuming the leaker(s) is identified and ignominiously perp-walked out of the White House, we’ll know what we know anyway -- that leaks do, and always have, occurred. The only real difference seems to be the timing so early in the life of a new administration. Plus that Trump seems to take it as a personal affront.

But how does an internal matter compare to a purported collaboration between Trump’s staff (if not himself) and the Russians to influence the outcome of our election? The effect is far more relevant to the preservation of our democracy.

That being said, the answer should be obvious. Flynn will disappear into the woodwork, perhaps turning up as another right-wing propagandist. But left uninvestigated, any connivance involving the Russians could damage future elections.

Can we afford to let that happen?