Letters to the Editor

Climate change: EPA leader blind to established science

Re: “ EPA chief: Main warming cause not carbon dioxide,” (TNT, 3/10).

Scott Pruitt is denying what is even stated on his own agency’s website. Carbon dioxide, the major polluting greenhouse gas, has risen from pre-industrial levels of 280 parts per million to over 400 ppm.

Per ice core samples, the last time readings were at 400 ppm was several million years ago, when average temperatures were at least 2 degrees higher, and sea levels were 50 to 80 feet above current levels. As the Sierra Club executive stated in the article: “the arsonist is now in charge of the fire department.”

An earlier TNT article this week pointed to new research showing a strong link between global warming and the very warm February across much of the nation. For the continental U.S., this was the second-warmest February on record; 16 states set records.

The Citizens Climate Lobby is a grassroots, non-partisan, non-profit international movement striving to tax carbon emissions at the federal level with a revenue-neutral dividend returned to all households. This, or similar legislation, will be required to maintain a sustainable environment for our grandchildren.