Letters to the Editor

Iraq War: Questions for the country I love

First, I would like to make clear that I am a student with no personal experience with Iraq. Recently I was researching the Iraq War and reading some articles about the UN Charter (which is a U.S. treaty) and I noticed some oddities. I could pick out over five separate articles that the U.S. did not follow as closely as would be expected concerning Iraq, (namely Articles 1 and 2) and then I turned to the Geneva Conventions and noticed that more articles had been skirted around (mainly concerning those of detainees and POWs) which constitutes as a war crime. Then I looked at the U.S. Constitution: Article 6 states that treaties are the law of the land; therefore, shouldn’t they be followed?

I love my country, but I have questions. Why can we make the rules but aren’t obligated to follow them? I understand that every country isn’t perfect, but why can’t we at least own up to our mistakes? How can we improve if we can’t admit we’re not perfect? We’ve left Iraq in a state of instability, and we’ve broken rules to get there.